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Office and Mailing Address

100 Elk Run Drive, Suite 101

Basalt, CO 81621

Phone 970-927-8181

Fax 970-927-8182

If you are a patient of Dr. Borchers, you now have the ability to reach us by phone, text messaging or secure email via our patient portal!

Phone/After Hours Update

We are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm by phone with lunch closure from 1-2 pm.  If you have a medical need during business hours, please call the office at (970) 927-8181.  If you need to reach us after hours for urgent medical needs, you will also call (970) 927-8181 and choose option # 2. Your call will then ring directly through to the provider on call. We hope this will help improve after hours access for urgent medical needs. 

Please remember that not every provider is always available and on call after hours. There is a designated provider for each night or weekend. So to ensure that your medical needs can be handled in the most efficient manner possible, please make contact through the main office number rather than calling individual providers cell phones directly as this will only delay a response.

Text Messaging

Text messaging has become increasingly popular and preferred over making a phone call for many people.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer texting directly to our main number (970) 927-8181 during regular business hours.  You can now text to ask simple medical questions, confirm/request an appointment, or even send us photos of things you want us to look at. Our staff are regularly reviewing messages and will respond to you promptly. For your convenience, the texts can be read by everyone in the office but if you would like to send a text to a particular person, just include their name. While your phone number should be loaded into our contacts, please also include your full name if you are texting us for the first time. As always, please call rather than text with any complex or urgent medical need.  Texts received after 5 pm will be returned the following business day.

Patient Portal/Email

The patient portal is a great option to send us a HIPPA compliant email.  You have more room for a detailed message and can also include attachments/photos that will be uploaded directly into your chart. You can easily find the link to our patient portal above.  If you do not have a portal account or have forgotten your password, simply call the office to get assistance.  The portal also provides easy access to your medical records and test results. 

Finally, because we now have the texting option and our patient portal, we ask that you no longer email the providers or send emails to the office ( The main reason for this is that email is not HIPAA compliant. Additionally, any email sent to these addresses are not easy to load into our medical record and we need to keep a record of communications in your chart.  

We hope you will enjoy the added convenience and improved patient communications. 

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.