Coronavirus Update 6.26.20:

Hello All,

After about 3 months since Coronavirus reached it’s pandemic stage – we thought an update was in order. We have all read in the paper that Coronavirus cases have begun to rise again. This, of course, was expected as social distancing measures have loosened and we have welcomed visitors back to the valley. Our Valley has done a great job of running the sprint race to reduce coronavirus spread. Unfortunately, now we have to begin the marathon! The finish line for this marathon ends with a vaccine or a readily available oral therapy for Coronavirus.

In the meantime, we want to remind everyone that it remains very important to continue to practice social distancing, wear masks and frequently wash your hands. If you are worried that you have been exposed to Coronavirus, it is still recommended you quarantine at home for 14 days.

Testing is also more readily available in the Valley now. This includes swab testing for diagnosis of acute Coronavirus and antibody testing to evaluate for past infection. We know that it is tempting to want to get a Coronavirus swab test if you are worried that you have been exposed but are asymptomatic. Testing in this situation should not change what you do. A negative test does not mean for sure that you are not carrying the virus. If exposed, you should quarantine for 2 weeks.  If you are asymptomatic and still would like to have a test, we can order this for you at a hospital.  Ideally,this should be done 5 to 7 days after an exposure.

In our office, we continue to run both tests. If you are concerned that you are sick with the virus, please call the office to schedule a visit; we will evaluate you in the parking lot and perform a coronavirus swab test. If you are concerned that you might have had the virus and would like to do antibody testing, we are doing these tests by appointment only. Remember, that a positive antibody test does not guarantee immunity against future reinfection.

With the rise in cases and worry in the valley, we are extremely busy and trying our best to answer all your calls and get people in for visits in a timely manner.  We are here to support you but your patience and understanding during this extremely busy time is appreciated.  We also continue to see patients in our office for annual wellness exams and follow-up medical care as it is just as important to maintain health. 

Thank you and please stay safe!

David Borchers and Staff